In the rural Ngurunit region of northern Kenya, the Samburu Basket Weavers weave beautiful baskets from palm leaves. Traditionally, these “nomadic baskets” were used to store camels’ milk in pastoral communities. At one time, Samburu women were only allowed to own the milk, but now, they can also own the camels.

They are gaining additional respect over time through positive societal changes and an increase in the overall literacy rate of the region. Through dignified work, they earn a sustainable income and support their families.

The baskets are now styled for the current-day home — fusing traditional designs and techniques with modern day functionality. They are durable, watertight, and tightly woven based on the desired shape and design. To create these woven baskets, the artisans preserve a traditional coil style technique. Each piece can take up to one month to make because the artisans balance work and home responsibilities.

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