The Summer Edit:

10 Home Décor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Our top tips to make a space feel new without starting from scratch.

If you’re anything like us, as soon as Memorial Day arrives, you start to crave a change of scenery. Perhaps it’s the brighter days or memories of summer adventures, but it feels like the right time to change things up a bit! Whether you’re seeking new views, experiences, or perspectives, your home can be a wonderful place to channel that seasonal energy.

But what if you want a refresh without diving into a full redesign and starting from scratch? We find that the most subtle changes can create the most significant impact. A new throw pillow here, a decorative accent there — soon your space is so updated that it feels new again. Keep reading for 10 fun and simple ways to update your home for summer, The Little Market style.

Artisan-made Home Décor Inspiration for a Summer Revamp

From timeless tablescape décor to intricately woven baskets, all of our pieces are crafted in small batches to be loved season after season. With every purchase, you’re supporting the person who made it and contributing to a world where more people have access to fair wages and an opportunity to thrive.


Introduce light + airy colors

As much as we love bold and vibrant patterns, we’re particularly drawn to minimalist aesthetics and calming hues during the sunnier seasons. By opting for lighter shades, it generally creates a more relaxed, open, and brighter space. Unsure where to start? Invest in a few new pillows with lighter tones and see how the simple swap affects the rest of the room. Added perk: Pillowcases are easy to store away, so you can easily rotate them with the seasons.

Our pillows are handwoven by artisans practicing intricate techniques with eco-conscious materials in a safe and dignified environment.


Rejuvenate a room with plants

Even though the summer is often tough on plants outside, it’s a wonderful time for indoor plants. Just remember to keep them hydrated and be mindful of how much they’re exposed to the sun.

We love pairing plants with our planters to add a touch of texture. Each one is handwoven by artisans with materials like rattan, natural grasses, and recycled grain sacks.


Layer linens

Whether you’re gathering with loved ones or enjoying a solo at-home date, elevate your tablescape with a burst of color and charm. Table runners and tablecloths instantly spruce up a meal while setting a bright foundation for your meal you’ll love all season long — and beyond.

Our table linen collection includes pieces that are naturally dyed with native plants, crafted from pure organic cotton, and hand-sewn with linen.


Embrace bright + inviting scents

Bring the beach to your bedroom (or any room) with our coastal-inspired candles, like Malibu, ​​Surf, or Laguna Beach. We’re believers that candles are the not-so-secret ingredient to a more intentional space. Especially if you’re looking to change a room’s mood, a new scent may be exactly what you need.

All of our candles are hand-poured with coconut-soy wax by women who have resettled as refugees in the United States.


Create a cozy-meets-breezy nook

Even in the summer months, a lightweight and soft blanket is a must-have addition to just about every nook and corner. We’re partial to blankets with a little fringe for subtle texture and style.

Each blanket is handwoven with traditional techniques that have been passed down across generations.


Tidy up your entryway

Clearing clutter is one of the most efficient ways (if not the most efficient way) to make your space feel larger and calmer. During the summer, when more activities may be in the mix and loved ones are often coming and going, a tidy entryway will set the tone for the rest of your home. However, we know this is easier said than done!

We recommend picking storage solutions that double as home décor — like woven baskets, wooden bowls, and decorative trays — to stash away your clutter with ease. No matter which you choose, every piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind.


Put fresh produce front and center with serveware

The fresh produce of summer is one of the season’s highlights. Have fun with your fruits and veggies and display them with beautiful and functional serveware. From woven trays to wooden bowls, they’ll surely be entertaining essentials you look forward to using.

All of our serveware is crafted by hand in small batches with time-honored techniques such as hand-carving wood and weaving natural grasses.


Use baskets as décor

There’s something special about a basket in the warm-weather months. Even more than we love the way they look in our spaces, we love how they make us feel — we get inspired to visit the farmers market, treat ourselves to flowers, or simply go outside. They’re practically begging to be filled with a big bouquet and colorful produce!

As with all of our goods, each basket is artisan-made and no two pieces are exactly the same. That’s part of what makes them so special.


Frame vacation photos

Bring vacation memories back to your home by framing photos from past trips. It’s a budget-friendly and lovely way to change up a room with personal touches. Tip: If there’s space in your frame, squeeze in an extra print behind the one you’re displaying. When you’re ready for something new, you’ll be able to easily rotate it.

Our frames are hand-carved by artisans in India, typically over the course of three to four weeks.


Decorate with garlands

When in doubt, a cute garland immediately brings joy and newfound energy to a space. With 40+ five-star reviews from customers, these handmade beauties are beloved favorites that make every room a little brighter — and every day feel a little more special.

Each garland is eco-consciously made by artisans in Nepal using wool and cotton — making them 100% biodegradable.

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