Based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, social enterprise Rose Ann Hall Designs supports talented artisans who create products including our hand-etched, hand-blown glassware. Several of these artisans are living with physical disabilities, which is an underserved and underemployed demographic in the country, and have previously faced discrimination in search of sustainable employment.

They now have access to a supportive, collaborative environment in which they earn fair wages and create strong futures through creative work.

Through its commitment to fair trade, Rose Ann Hall Designs implements eco-conscious principles to create this glassware. They use recycled glass, making it beautifully unique and sustainable. Every piece is hand-etched with a grinding stone and experienced eye — adding intricate details and artwork such as flowers and leaves to elevate the glass and make the most of materials that would otherwise be discarded. To blow this glass, artisans preserve a technique that is more than 500 years old; the technique was introduced to the country around 1535 by Spanish artisans.

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