Our Commitment to the Environment + Fair Trade

Everything you see on The Little Market is curated and created with mindfulness toward people and the planet.

Impact is a word we use frequently at The Little Market. We often ask ourselves: How can we make our impact more intentional? Why is our impact important? And when it comes to the environment, how can we approach our impact goals in a way that’s better for the planet?

As a nonprofit and member of the Fair Trade Federation, we are dedicated to promoting the responsible stewardship of our planet’s resources. Whether it’s the materials we use and source or the day-to-day processes we follow, it’s our goal to share pieces that you love for how they look and feel — and for how they’re made.

In this space, we’re sharing some of the ways we’re committed to being mindful of our impact on the planet year-round.

Fair Trade. Handmade. Small Batches.

We Are Committed

to Fair Trade Principles

In our mission to empower more individuals, we are committed to working with artisan and producer groups that practice fair trade principles, which include: creating opportunities for economically and socially marginalized producers, developing transparent and accountable relationships, and paying workers promptly and fairly.

We Sell Pieces Made from

Natural Dyes + Local Materials

Many of our pieces are made with natural dyes from native plants, such as sappan wood and indigo, rather than synthetic dyes. Also, natural grasses and materials local to the artisan and producer groups are used to craft many of our tried-and-true favorites, like our storage baskets and handmade coasters.

Our Goods Are Made

in Small Batches

There are no mass-produced goods in our collection. Instead, each piece has a story of the maker, the technique, and its origin.

Upcycled Pieces Are

Core to Our Collection

We actively source goods that incorporate recycled materials to conserve resources creatively. For example, our naturally dyed stationery sets and handmade boxes are made from repurposed materials.

Our Pieces Are made

to Last + Love

Our collection is crafted to be used and loved over and over again. When you shop with The Little Market, you’re bringing heirloom-worthy goods in your home that are equally beautiful and durable.

We Put People +

the Planet First

We work with more than 50 artisan and producer groups in over 25 countries around the globe. To date, we have created more than 1.25 million hours of dignified work for women and other underserved groups locally, nationally, and globally.

Earth Day Every Day

Here are stories behind some of the incredible eco-conscious pieces in our collection from artisan and producer groups across the world. Their work inspires us to be more informed about where materials come from, thoughtful about what we purchase, and intentional with our actions.

Recycled Glassware

Artisans in Mexico, many of whom are people with physical disabilities, transform recycled glass pieces into timeless glassware. Every piece is hand-etched — adding intricate details and artwork, such as flowers and leaves, to elevate the glass and make the most of materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Woven Raffia Handbags

In Madagascar, artisan women weave stunning baskets, bags, and clutches with locally sourced and sustainable materials. Prior to crafting baskets and bags, most of the artisans lived below the poverty line and earned less than a dollar per day. Now, they can generate a sustainable income, attain skill development opportunities, and thrive as artisans — and as individuals. Read more about their stories.

Handmade Boxes

Handmade boxes are naturally dyed with native plants and crafted from recycled cotton textiles that were discarded from the garment industry and would otherwise be sent to a landfill. Each purchase empowers innovative artisans in India practicing a traditional and eco-conscious papermaking technique while earning fair, dignified wages.

Hand-sewn Quilts

Vintage saris are given a new life as one-of-a-kind quilts by artisan women in Bangladesh. Prior to learning the centuries-old kantha technique, the artisans complete a training and rehabilitation program to help set them up for success. Read more about their work.

Handcrafted Pantry Staples

In rural communities of Eswatini, small-scale farmers and producers practice sustainable and regenerative farming techniques while they earn fair wages and attain access to essential resources and training.

Handwoven Baskets

Artisan women in rural communities of Tanzania preserve traditions that have been passed down for several generations while crafting pieces made from locally sourced grasses and materials.

Handmade Spice Blends

Farm fellows with diverse abilities in Malibu, California curate eco-conscious spice blends with ingredients harvested through biodynamic gardening and vertical garden towers. In an inclusive environment, they can build their skill sets, foster friendships, and grow self-confidence while earning fair wages.

Better Goods for a Better World

Our work is not possible without you. Thank you for being part of this community and supporting responsibly made goods created with fair trade principles!