CORR - The

Jute Works

LOCATED IN Bangladesh

CORR - The Jute Works empowers women in Bangladesh through handicraft production. The skilled women, many of whom previously did not have access to a formal education, make beautiful handicrafts. CORR - The Jute Works not only creates market access, but also provides job training and develops leadership skills.

CORR - The Jute Works has a sewing center in Mirer Bazar and works with producer groups within the city of Dhaka to sew these bags.

They use sustainable jute, canvas, and cotton fabric to sew a variety of totes in our collection. The production process varies based on the size of the goods the artisans are creating as well as the complexity. This traditional technique has been followed for thousands of years while being passed down through different generations of women.

Artisans practice a traditional sewing technique by knot to create the macrame wall hangings. They use cotton yarn, sourced from local markets, and a cane stick to knot, design, and create the product. These wall hangings are made by one person at a time and can take approximately five hours for smaller pieces and 18 hours for larger pieces.